Next Meeting Monday October ? 2021 at 9:00AM  Jitsi-Meet and Ely’s Cafe

Note: The free version of Jitsi-Meet is End to End encrypted.

(Skype Meeting, Jitsi Meet , MS Teams or Zoom only)

The club is meeting via Jitsi-Meet till further notice due to the severity of the coronavirus.

Ely’s is open for business.

Free Wi-Fi available for customers, just ask Ely for password.

We meet twice monthly.

Out of town members may attend via Skype, MS Teams, Jitsi Meet or Zoom. If you are interested contact the webmaster at

The club has a conference cam and a new eMeet M2 Bluetooth directional Mic & Speaker system for people that use Jitsi Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. The eMeet M2 is 1000% better than what we were using.

Meeting Location address


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