SBCC Tech Discussion
February 19, 2019
Mesquite Grill   Catalina Room

1: Hearing loss, what can you do? What are our options?

2: Microsoft cybersecurity expert: Please, stop using Internet Explorer as a web browser:

3: How Hackers and Scammers Break Into iCloud-Locked iPhones:

4: Use an 8-character Windows NTLM password? Don’t. Every single one can be cracked in under 2.5hrs:

5: How to create simple, one-step tasks in Automator to save you time on your Mac:

6: Stream live TV in your browser. There’s no charge. You can watch U.S. TV stations affiliated with the NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, FOX, and Univision networks:

Interwebs or news around the tubes

 Cyber Security Class SBCC Mar. 1 at 9:00AM:

 Your GPS Devices May Stop Working On April 6 If You Don’t Or Can’t Update Firmware: and

It’s now 2019, and your Windows DHCP server can be pwned by a packet, IE and Edge by a webpage, and so on:

Patch Tuesday, February 2019 Edition:

WARNING – New Phishing Attack That Even Most Vigilant Users Could Fall For:



8 responses to “SBCC

  1. Steve, this might be interesting to discuss at the next tech breakfast…David

  2. Steve, this looks like the ultimate in a secure OS…David

  3. Steve, have you played with Google’s Cardboard VR? It’s really quite amazing. I have the VR headset and can show it at a tech breakfast sometime. Here’s a recent VR article.

  4. Did I send this earlier? These “compute sticks” are starting to look interesting.

    Intel Compute Stick

    Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 review

  5. Steve check this out.
    Google keeps you safe from sneaky download buttons on the web.

  6. Hi Steve, check out this new way to hack into your cmputer…
    Mousejacking Hackers Could Seize Control of Your Wireless Mouse or Keyboard – Popular Mechanics

  7. Hi Steve,
    This is interesting… First known Mac ransomware reaches the wild

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