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SB Computer Club Tech Cafe
July 7, 2020
9:00AM (Zoom Only,Virtual Meeting)

Note: This is an encrypted session.

1: Video Editing; Laptops or Desktops, what is best. How much processing power do I need?

Desktops are best since they can always be upgraded and you get more computing power for less money.

1a: Desktops:  and for the Mac:

1b: Best video editing laptops in 2020:

1c: CPU vs. GPU, what is best for video editing:

1d: What is the Best GPU for Video Editing and Rendering:

1e: How to choose a processor for video editing:

1f: 10 Best CPUs for Video Editing:

2a: Video editing software, Paid & Free

The Best Paid Video Editing Software for 2020:

24 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs in 2020:

2b: The Beginner’s Guide to Editing YouTube Videos:

2c: How to Edit Videos Using the YouTube Video Editor:

2d: Best Video Formats:

2e: Video Compression Secrets:

2f: What is the Best Compressed Video Format with High Quality:

2g: 7 Best Free Video Compression Software for Windows and Mac:

3a: Benchmark your video card (GPU) (Dave L):

3b: Check out this video in 1080 HD:

4: 10 Factors to Consider When Selecting A Monitor for Video Editing:

5: When is 5G for cell phones going mainstream?  When will we have it in SB?

6: When you look at properties of a drive…

Properties > Customize > Optimize this folder for:

Options include: General Items, Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos

What is actually being changed to optimize a drive for file types (Richard B)?

 7a: The Tools They Carry: Wildland Firefighters’ Most Important Gear:

7b: Does Using Airplanes to Put out Forest Fires Actually Work:


7d: Bighorn Fire Information Dashboard:

 Interwebs or news around the tubes

 Jitsi Meet is a fully encrypted, 100% open source free video conferencing solution:    easy to use, but requires a Chromium based browser to work properly.

80,000 printers are exposing their IPP port online:  Port Scanner (free):  You are looking for Port 631/TCP on your printer.

 Apple adds support for encrypted DNS (DoH and DoT)(finally):

 New Mac malware spreads disguised as Flash Player installer via Google search results:

 Microsoft ignored feedback about broken Fresh Start feature in Windows 10 May 2020 Update:

AT&T Ditches $15 TV Service It Used As Regulator Bait To Seal Time Warner Merger:

How the Mac Will Switch From Intel to Apple’s Own ARM Chips:

With YouTube Music, Google is holding my speakers for ransom (GaryW):


8 responses to “SBCC

  1. Steve, this might be interesting to discuss at the next tech breakfast…David

  2. Steve, this looks like the ultimate in a secure OS…David

  3. Steve, have you played with Google’s Cardboard VR? It’s really quite amazing. I have the VR headset and can show it at a tech breakfast sometime. Here’s a recent VR article.

  4. Did I send this earlier? These “compute sticks” are starting to look interesting.

    Intel Compute Stick

    Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 review

  5. Steve check this out.
    Google keeps you safe from sneaky download buttons on the web.

  6. Hi Steve, check out this new way to hack into your cmputer…
    Mousejacking Hackers Could Seize Control of Your Wireless Mouse or Keyboard – Popular Mechanics

  7. Hi Steve,
    This is interesting… First known Mac ransomware reaches the wild

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