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SB Computer Club Tech Cafe
April 13, 2021
9:00AM (Zoom Only, Virtual Meeting)

Note: This is an encrypted session.


1a: Some of the best free photo editing software.

1b: Darktable, similar to LightRoom:

1c: The Gimp:

1d:, similar to Photoshop Elements:

1e: digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application:

1f: 11 Best Photo Management Software of 2021 (Ultimate Guide):

1g: Top 25 Photo Organizing Software and Apps of 2021:

What is the best way to sort photos, metadata or date time stamp, what can we use, some links/URLs below:

 4 Great Ways to Sort Your Photos:

The ABCs of Photo Sorting: How to Turn a Mess of Pictures into an Organized Collection:–cms-25622

Finding Your Images:

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder:

Note: Test run looking for duplicates. 3279 images, 588 duplicates found, run time: 6 minutes.

Specialized Searches:

Reverse Image Search:

 How to sort using your computer.

In Win 10 File Explorer you can sort or group your photos by applying the settings below:

  1. In the File Explorer, open the folder that contains your photos.
  2. Click on the View tab, you can select Sort by or Group by.
  3. Select Name, Date, Type Size, Tags, Date Created, etc.

Organize and find your photos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

 Metadata search


The 3 Types of Image Search Engines:

Comparison of digital image metadata editors:

The 7 best metadata editors for 2021:

The hidden fingerprint inside your photos (Leigh B.):

2a: Data backups, is it necessary to purchase online backup storage rather than use the free or paid online backups from your OS? Which is easier to use? Both Microsoft and Apple provide a storage solution for their products.

2b: Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage pricing and plans:

2c: Apple iCloud storage plans and pricing:

2d: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services of 2021:

3a: 7 Uses For The USB Port on Your Router (Dennis H.):

3b: How to Connect a USB Printer to a Network (Dennis H.):

3c: Everything USB:

3d: Asus ROG Delta S Headset:    and

4: Data Detox: Smartphones: (1.51 min.)

5: Intel accused of wiretapping because it uses analytics (Beverly R.)    is there anything we can do to mitigate this, is this a big deal? My three suggestions to mitigate tracking, extensions for Firefox. The Register has 12 trackers on their website, others have more.
Manage local site storage settings (Firefox):

6: Substitute for Google Chrome:  without the trackers.

Interwebs or news around the tubes

 10 Digit Dialing coming to Tucson, activated 1-24-21, mandatory 10-24-21 for area codes, 480, 520 & 928.

Old Technology in Photos & Videos:

Everything You Need to Know About Your Amazon Fire Tablet (Dennis H.):

553,000,000 Reasons Not to Let Facebook Make Decisions About Your Privacy:


5 responses to “SBCC

  1. Steve, this might be interesting to discuss at the next tech breakfast…David

  2. Steve, this looks like the ultimate in a secure OS…David

  3. Steve, have you played with Google’s Cardboard VR? It’s really quite amazing. I have the VR headset and can show it at a tech breakfast sometime. Here’s a recent VR article.

  4. Did I send this earlier? These “compute sticks” are starting to look interesting.

    Intel Compute Stick

    Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 review

  5. Steve check this out.
    Google keeps you safe from sneaky download buttons on the web.

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