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SB Computer Club Tech Cafe

February 1, 2022


Mesquite Grill, Catalina Room

1: Investors Buy Up Metaverse Real Estate (Seth):  and

2: The End of Car Keys, Passwords and Fumbling With Your Phone at Checkout (Seth):

3: Silverado PU EV 400 mile range:  and   Mary Barra at CES Live: 

4: Tesla assembly plant (Beverly):

5a: Email spam is breaking through again. Here’s what you can do to minimize it:

5b: Adobe Cloud Abused to Steal Office 365, Gmail Credentials:

6: Helping Next-Generation 5G Cell Technology See Past the Trees:

7: Cellular networks revolt against Apple privacy moves:

8a: Mozilla Is Going to Track Facebook Tracking You:

8b: Facebook Pixel Hunt Extension:


9: Most Reliable PC Hardware of 2021:

10: QR code scams are on the rise:

11: When will iOS 15.3 be released:

Interwebs or news around the tubes

 How Signal is playing with fire:

Piracy Will Never Die:

Microsoft may soon let Windows 11 users bypass Edge as the default browser:

How to use Wireshark for capturing and analyzing network packets:

Wireshark download:

Next Meeting 5G discussed.


5 responses to “SBCC

  1. Steve, this might be interesting to discuss at the next tech breakfast…David

  2. Steve, this looks like the ultimate in a secure OS…David

  3. Steve, have you played with Google’s Cardboard VR? It’s really quite amazing. I have the VR headset and can show it at a tech breakfast sometime. Here’s a recent VR article.

  4. Did I send this earlier? These “compute sticks” are starting to look interesting.

    Intel Compute Stick

    Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 review

  5. Steve check this out.
    Google keeps you safe from sneaky download buttons on the web.

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