Windows 7 Tips

Windows 7 Advanced Training Manual in PDF Here

Correct way to disable indexing in Windows 7 for SSD’s  PDF here

How to create a System Repair Disk for Windows 7: and 

There are times when you need to completely reinstall Windows 7. What do you do if your computer didn’t come with a Windows installation disc? Or maybe you have a recovery disc but don’t want all the bloatware that came with the computer.  The answer is to download a new, clean copy of Windows 7. Yes, you can do it legally!

There are three versions of Windows 7 available: Home, Professional and Ultimate. Each comes in either 32- or 64-bit.

Make sure you download the same version you have on your computer. You’ll find the version, along with the product key, on your Windows license sticker or in the System control panel but you may need the real product key and you can get that by running the Belarc Advisor and checking for key under the heading “Manage your software licenses”.

Remember, you must have a full or OEM product key for your Windows license in order to legally install Windows. The product key from a Windows 7 upgrade disc will not work.

Once you have the Windows 7 ISO, burn it to a DVD or a USB drive. Then reinstall as you normally would, or try a non-destructive reinstall. (Thanks to Richard D.)

Cost: Free

Home Premium 32-bit
Home Premium 64-bit
Professional 32-bit
Professional 64-bit
Ultimate 32-bit
Ultimate 64-bit

Windows 7 in ISO format for download and burning to DVD, these are large 2-3GB files.

Win7′s no-reformat, nondestructive reinstall:

How to manually configure DNS (Domain Name Server) for Win 7.

Quick keyboard shortcut to shut down Win 7, press one at a time  Windows key, Right arrow, Enter

Get Insanely fast Storage with a RAMDisk

Get your copy of DataRam RAMDisk software here.

Mount a Windows SkyDrive Virtual Drive using MS Office 2010
How To Make A USB Installation Disk For Windows 7 Without Extra Software

How to Enable XP Mode in Windows 7 Using Microsoft Virtual PC

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