Hello PC Outlaws!

Welcome! We are the Planning and Tech group for the Sequim PC Users group in Sequim,WA. located on the North Olympic Peninsula. The name derives from the board of directors sometimes known as the PC Posse and in keeping with that theme we became the PC Outlaws.

We are a PC group and as such our group is comprised of Windows, Linux and Apple users.

Regular meetings held at Shipley Center on the 2nd  Saturday of the month.

Where: Shipley Center, Art Room

Shipley Center: 921 E. Hammond Street  Sequim,WA.

Time: 10:00AM

Presentation:  https://spcug.net/?page_id=157

 NOTE: Windows live Mail (Windows Essentials) 2011/2012 has been discontinued. If you are still trying to use this program you will need to switch to another email client. I suggest Thunderbird or MS Outlook if you have MS Office. Here is a short list of other email clients: https://alternativeto.net/software/windows-live-mail/


Future Meetings

Upcoming SIGS/Presentations for members, this would be a good reason to become a member of the Sequim PC Users Group and learn something that would be hard to find elsewhere.

Basic Home Networking, Printers and Routers

Photo Editing
Video Editing
Tools for Safe and Secure Browsing
Wireless router basics
Home Network Repair
Install and use VeraCrypt 1.25.9 Encrypted containers (for the cloud)
KeePass Password Manager
How to use your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

 Shipley Center

921 E. Hammond Street
Sequim, WA  98382
Meetings held in the Art Room the 3rd Sat of every month.
Wi-Fi available
Past Meetings:
Presentation: Chromebooks and Chromebook OS
Stephen Lowe will give us a talk on Chromebooks and the Chromebook OS. The Chromebook OS is a cloud based OS supported by Google that runs on hardware with very limited capabilities. It is Linux based.If you have an older PC that can’t be upgraded to a new version of the OS running on it you can turn it into a Chromebook. Stephen will explain why you might want to do this.https://www.google.com/chromebook/
SPCUG meeting September 16, 2017Presentation: Beyond KeePass Basics
SPCUG meeting July 15, 2017
Presentation: How to use and find programs on “Just the Basics”.
Where: Shipley Center, Art Room
Time: 9:30AMThis will be a hands on presentation on how to use and find programs on Just the Basics (JTB) you can download a PDF of the contents and index here. This has been an ongoing  9 year project. I will provide the latest version of JTB for this class. JTB is about 7 GB in size, if you want to make a copy of this then bring a USB flash drive with at least 8 GB of free space.

June 17th general meeting What is the “Cloud” and How do I use it! This will be a “hands on” so bring your laptops. You will need to sign up for MS mail in advance: https://goo.gl/diWXWc  you will need this to access MS Onedrive and to login to your computer. Course material here

May 20, 2017  Meeting in the Art Room

Internet Search; Beyond the Basics

How to Search the web, both basic and advanced. This will be a hands on presentation so bring your laptops. If you do not have a laptop email us and a loaner will be provided.

SPCUG Meeting April 15, 2017  9:00AM to 12:00PM in the Art Room of the Shipley Center.This will be a 3 hour “hands on” presentation “Tools for Safe and Secure Browsing” software will be provided, you will need a laptop and a USB flash drive. Announcement with more information from SPCUG. This is open to Windows, Linux and Apple users.
February 18, 2017
Paul Muncey, from the Sequim Police Department has agreed to discuss the following topics at the February 18th SPCUG meeting at the Shipley Center.  Format will be discussion with a handout of links.

the computer safety handouts and discussion will have topics as follows:

  • Patch, Patch, PATCH!
  • Install protective software.
  • Choose strong passwords.
  • Backup, Backup, BACKUP!
  • Control access to your machine.
  • Use email and the internet safely.
  • Repair by Telephone.
  • Use secure connections.
  • Protect sensitive data.
  • Use desktop firewalls.
  • Potentially Unwanted Applications
  • Mobile devices are an open gate to your privacy, secrets, and money (mobile banking)
  • Shop with care
  • Network Below the Radar
  • Most importantly, stay informed.
The handout will also list a number of sites where folks can get additional info on their own, such as: Reporting identity theft & getting a recovery plan at the Federal Trade Commission; the Computer Readiness Team – Dept. of Homeland Security; reporting online crime at the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center, and more.
October 8th, Home Network Repair
KeePass Password Safe Pro 2.34 October 1, 2016SIG: Safe and Secure Browsing Saturday 9-10-16
8-27-16 SIG:Beyond the eBook Basics”, a tutorial on using Calibre for your digital library
7-16-16 and 8-20-16  Presentation by member Bruce Turner “Microsoft Windows Under the Covers” outline here
6-18-16  Install and use KeePass 2.34 Pro Edition: http://keepass.info/download.html 
KeePass & TrueCrypt Presentation
September 19, 2015
Location: Shipley Center in the Art Room
Time: 9:30AM-12:00PMThis will be a “hands on” class
bring your laptops.Programs covered:
KeePass 2.30:    http://keepass.info/download.html  (Password Manager)
TrueCrypt 7.1a:  https://www.truecrypt71a.com/    (store your encrypted docs in the cloud).
Strong Passwords need Entropy 9.0:
http://eddantes.blog4ever.com/ (password checker)