Update for 2021

Our longest project to date is the Computers for Community Project that is currently ongoing and has been in operation for about 10 years. We have donated about 1000 machines to various organizations and individuals. We have also become a registered Microsoft Refurbisher. We are installing  Win 10 Pro on all machines depending on computer capability. Some older and slower computers are refurbished and we install Linux Mint on the machines.

Update for 2016

We are currently working with Sunrise Rotary of Sequim to refurbish and repair computers for qualified recipients. One of our members has donated the use of his garage for this work, this is an ongoing project and I will keep you posted as to our progress.

Update: January 11, 2013 We now have moved about 100 machines out the door, we are starting to get low on computers again, so anyone that wants to donate please do.

Update: March 2012   We now have sent 40 or 50 machines out the door, our biggest problem is getting Hard drives and many donations are coming without them because of security concerns (primarily from businesses). We hope to be able to secure some donations from a company like Western Digital (WD) for older or refurbished drives and will in turn put their logo on all machines we refurbish with their HD’s on board. We use the most secure erasing program currently available: to erase ALL HD’s (hard drives) the tech shop receives before re-installing WinXP.

Update: August 2011 we have sent 6 or 7 machines out the door loaded with WinXP and other open source programs, all machines have at least 512MB of RAM and come completely equipped and run better than many new machines.


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